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Eggcelerate! is a silly yet challenging time-trial racing game where you try over and over again to improve your time without dropping an egg.

You will laugh, cry, rage and shout in joy while delivering eggs for Easter. Drive around crazy tracks, catch big air and avoid devious obstacles that get in your way. Play again and again to improve your time, beat the developer, and collect all the achievements along the way!

Go fast, and don't break an egg!

Master Your Racing Skills
Delivering an Easter egg requires smooth driving to keep the egg safe and balanced. This is a useful skill for driving a real racecar at the limit too!

Customize Your Ride
Discover your favorite car, egg and bowl combinations whilst overcoming the challenges of each track to unlock the new options.

Devious Obstacle Courses
Jumps, hammers, punching gloves, fallen trees, saws and more will get in the way of safely delivering your egg this Easter!

Keep it Alive
The most prestigious achievement ever; consecutively completing all 30 tracks without dropping a single egg!

Perfect for Live Streaming
Game was designed for streamer reactions and your audience will laugh and feel your pain as you try again and again!

Warning: Food Allergy, may contain egg products.
 - This game is not actually edible.

Eggcelerate! took several weeks to create which has a very real financial cost. By purchasing the game you are supporting my game development business and getting some fun in return. Share the game with others and post your best times below!

The game is being developed live at https://www.twitch.tv/timbeaudet 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorTyre Bytes
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Casual, Controller, Driving, Fast-Paced, Low-poly, Physics, Singleplayer, Speedrun
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)

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Don't sleep on this game. It's immensely fun  (and ridiculous 🤣)!


This game looks beautiful but I think the UI needs some attention


Thanks, and yea my buttons are a bit plain, I can agree with that. I think beyond visuals it is fairly user friendly as I've given a lot of attention to that; more usability updates coming in v1.1.1 soon.


Yeah 100%, great work


Great game, with a good difficulty curve and interesting levels. The controls and physics are tight as well. The only thing I don't like so far is the lack of variety in the soundtrack. Other than that, very impressive!

Nice, thanks for the thoughts and feedback! It would be nice to get some more music worked into a future update, luckily most people have been good with it for long play-sessions but more variety would be even better!


The game looks really good, and I want to buy it for Linux, however, does it have controller support?


It officially supports XBox Controllers and you can play the full game start-finish on it. On macOS the controller has only worked while wireless. I have heard of at least one Linux user using a DS4 controller successfully, but I think that required a fair bit of additional tweaking on their end!


Absolutely loved playing this quirky game, alot of fun but very challenging at the same time. Physics are great with interesting mechanics, Balancing the egg is a real challenge at times and makes for frustratingly enjoyable gameplay.


I am a bit surprised by how critical this comment section is. IMO this game is a ton of fun for $3, and I am thoroughly impressed what Tim has made of it with the relatively short amount of time he's been working on it, especially as a solo dev.


This game has had me in stitches, it's wonderfully charming and has a great concept. I look forward to seeing how this game develops.

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I know you works very hard and I am a big fun of you but this game or Turbo Boom looks just like prototype.

The only one gameplay what I am constantly seeing is "Restart", "Restart", aaaand "Restart". After every single mistake you have to press "Restart" because it does not worth to continue.

You should consider laps in your games to minimalize the huge impact on every single mistake. Restarting game so often is super annoying.

Visually it's not attractive at all. GUI is really horrible. Like really.

The level looks very very empty.

You should find some team-mate who can do graphics for you and you will be pushed to another level. Because the fact that you are learning drawing or modelling is useless for players. They wants to play a good game and not accept any excuses that developer is learning something.

I would also expect multiplayer support in racing games as it should be standard but I understand is much more work but it bring much much more fun.

I can imagine that in multiplayer you can push another player and force him to drop the egg etc.

PS : Leaderboards is not multiplayer. It's same like achievements it's just a standard for any game.

Anyway I wish you good luck and any success !


I don't know if you played the game, but there are actually laps in the current version of the game. I am in the process of removing them because that is easier than trying to ensure players don't get confused with them. The game as-is was made in 3 weeks, and it is getting major upgrades soon.

I didn't set out to make a product with Eggcelerate! like I did with Turbo Boom!, it just sort of happened. Their point-to-point and difficult "retry" features are accidental similarities, but that doesn't mean they are are the same.

As for art, if you've been around a bit you'll know I have put a lot of effort to get where I'm at and I continue to push myself forward and even hire out some art when I can; surely filling the world with lots more artsy content would be better, but again there has been 3 weeks of effort in the game, from what I can tell it is providing solid entertainment, and you don't often see how empty the levels are because of the strategic camera-view most of the time. This is something I'm trying to improve a bit in the updates.

Leaderboards is not active multiplayer, I fully agree, but it does let people compete against each other. It will be a while still before my games get networking, I can assure you my path goes that direction but it isn't just 'push a button' and 'all problems are solved'. I'm not going to spend years making a single game just to have all these things and then watch that fail, I will make multiple games, each getting a bit better than the last and improving the future games.

Would maybe at least split-screen support be possible way of multiplayer option?

I'm aware the networking part can be scary and come with lot of bugs if already not familiar with how to get it done.

But then split-screen support may be bit easier to add (depends), and that could be then used with Steam Remote Play Together, to play with remote friends over (good) internet?

Even local multiplayer would take a lot of effort to get setup, if the game grows it would be very nice to do! 🤞


Part of a complete breakfast! An eggcelent physics puzzler! Cholesterol laden carnage galore!


It's pleasing to the eye, fun and surprisingly challenging. I had a blast navigating loops and fighting those dirt roads.

Great work Tim!


Thanks! I am really happy with this little game

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Not working for me on MacOS, getting "This application cannot be opened" and when I look further "This application cannot be opened because no available application can open it". Any ideas?

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I had to go into Security & Privacy to allow the application to run, but otherwise had no issues downloading from itch.io and running.
I am not an Apple Developer at this time, though I though Unity would support macOS as-is.


Just tried it on a regular sized Mac (as opposed to the MacBook I was using earlier) and its working as expected now. Odd, but maybe just something with my laptop. Anyway, thanks for the reply Tim :) all the best. 


Unity Player mac requirements

  • macOS: Sierra 10.12 or newer
  • CPU: Intel x64 with SSE2 instruction set.
  • GPU: Metal capable Intel and AMD GPUs
  • Officiall Apple supported GPU drivers.

Unnotarized builds mean macOS must be set to Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere instead of App Store and indentified developers. Unless the user adds an exception via finder.

Other source of problems: zip files authored/modified on Windows do not preserve execute-bit of the binary inside. This includes renaming files inside the zip.


As a fan of the stream I have to say, a fun little game. Nothing world scattering, but something to drive around in and let your mind wander for an hour or two. Definitly worth the 3$, if not just for the game (which it definitly is worth), then for the support.


For macOS please follow these instructions to add an eggception for the unidentified developer warning.


Doesn't seem to work on Linux (continuously moves backwards).

Works on my Windows though! It seems I got the "drop 5 eggs" achievement while driving around, after having dropped a single egg.


Yea this build had some development tests enabled that give 1, 2 and 5 egg drop notifications on the first egg drop. Also thanks for mentioning Linux issues, they will be fixed in the next build when I have some time to make it!


This has now been addressed in the latest version of Eggcelerate! Please let me know if you have any other problems.


It works great! It doesn't say that R resets anywhere though, you might want to put that on the game over screen :)



Indeed, a little more help with that would be nice. I have added it to my list for when I make any updates!


This has been fixed in the recent rounds of updates!


Thanks for the heads up! I can't believe you remembered to tell me, that's some impressive task management right there!

I will check out the recent developments!